Talent training platform to increase the competitiveness of enterprises

Tanca analyzes the competencies at each position and proposes the right training and coaching strategies to generate talent.

Integration Process

The learning plan will be automatically transferred to new employees when they start working, helping new employees grasp the learning plan.

Support for Integration Process

Clear direct or online documents provided help employees understand integration requirements.

Ensure Training Quality

Verify the completion of training during the formalization process to ensure the smooth application of knowledge.

Report on the training process

The reports are clear about the process of training new employees for integration.

Capacity Development

Employees grasp their capabilities and proactively map learning trajectories to enhance their capacity.

Diversification development

Develop multi-directional employee positions and build a digital development and skills enhancement training system.

Learning Path and Career Advancement

A clear path forms the learning cycle and is closely linked to the career advancement path.

Leadership Training Plan

Training plans for middle and senior-level leaders are always created and deployed with specificity.

Training Gamification

Training activities gamified help employees easily absorb learning and achieve.

Training System

The training system provides employees interactive tools, video lectures, quizzes, and progress checks to learn accurately.

Study Data Storage

The study data warehouse is implemented fully to assist employees in their work.

Personal Development Process

Completing the training activities in the library to complete the competency assessment schedule.

The training system

The training system connects with external training systems to improve quality.

Individual training activities

Accurately analyze data to help employees understand their training activities.