Comprehensive Payroll System Management

An integrated solution to manage all aspects of the company's payroll process.

Payroll System

The system helps manage and calculate all salary components.

Salary Increase Process

Manage salary increase requests and approvals efficiently.

Social Insurance and Tax System

Integrate social insurance and tax calculations to comply with regulations.

Salary Adjustments

Easily manage salary adjustments, allowances, and other compensation elements.

Building a Salary Template

Set up standardized salary templates for various roles and departments.

Salary Calculation

Automate and simplify complex salary calculations.

Download and View Payroll

Generate, download, and view detailed payroll reports.

Payroll Code

Apply payroll codes to organize and categorize salary components.

Commission and Product Calculation

Calculate commissions and other product-related earnings.

Bonus Distribution

Manage and distribute bonuses and other incentives fairly and efficiently.

Incentive Effects

Analyze the effects of incentives and bonus schemes.

Annual Cost Budget

Plan and track the annual cost budget for the organization.