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Best Scheduling Software Online For Business - Tanca Software

Are you looking for Best Scheduling Software Online For Business? Take a look at these tools below. Our guide will help you choose the right one within 5 minutes.

About Tanca Scheduling Software


Tanca provides the most comprehensive scheduling software on the market, making you look professional while saving you a lot of time and work.

You will receive a stunning booking website on which you may display your business, accept online appointments, offer products, memberships, packs, and service add-ons. Get thorough company data as well as appointment sync with well-known online calendars.

Why is Tanca Scheduling Software suitable for your business?

Sales Department

  • Increase your revenue. Schedule important meetings quickly and effectively to get a competitive edge.
  • Accelerate your sales cycle. Maintain deal momentum and eliminate scheduling friction at all stages of your sales cycle.
  • Close additional transactions. Customize reminder and follow-up sequences to drive deals forward, link with sales tools, and eliminate logistical responsibilities so you can focus on selling.
  • Share your link with everyone.
  • Control your availability.
  • Lead routing that is automated.
  • Bring your expertise together.
  • Before booking, prepare pre-call discovery questions.
  • Connect to your existing tools.
  • Reminders and follow-ups are automated.

HR Department

  • Make more effective hires. Spend more time meeting applicants and less time juggling schedules.
  • Boost the pace of your hiring process. Book interviews quickly to shorten the hiring process.
  • Boost the experience of candidates. Reduce friction and turn your hiring procedure into a competitive advantage.
  • Distribute interviews across your team members fairly.
  • Data management for interviewers. When you incorporate interviewer preferences and qualities into your scheduling procedure, you may create optimal panels. Additionally, candidates can change their selections at any moment.
  • analytics and reports.

Marketing Department

  • Enhance the pipeline. Quickly convert marketing leads into scheduled meetings.
  • Increase lead response times. Get a competitive advantage by rapidly qualifying, routing, and booking leads.
  • Increase conversion rates. Reduce sales funnel friction to close more deals.
  • Include the Calendly link anywhere (landing page, email, etc.)
  • Prospect books met at the zenith of their popularity.
  • Automatic qualification, routing, and booking of leads.

Connect Your Customer

  • Increase retention. Bring all of your professionals together and connect with clients at every point of their journey to establish long-term relationships.
  • Improve your response times. Book time quickly to meet customers' needs and assist them in self-serve to help them achieve their goals.
  • Increase NPS and client satisfaction. With reminder and follow-up workflows, you may improve client happiness and engagement by changing the way you organize meetings.
  • Team cooperation is flawless.
  • Contact all stakeholders.
  • Meet throughout important periods of adoption.
  • Direct route to the appropriate Support Representative.
  • Provide special times for people in need.
  • Connect to your existing tools.
  • Reminders and follow-ups that are automated.

Online Scheduling Software Features

Spread the word about your Calendly availability

Automation of scheduling can help your firm grow. Simply send an email, a text message, or post your Tanca availability to your website, and watch as potential clients and employees schedule worthwhile appointments with you.

Team Schedule

Calendly adjusts to the scheduling preferences of both you and your team. Together with a colleague, co-host a client call, send follow-up emails and reminders, and integrate all of this with your favorite software.

Create schedules in minutes

Schedule the correct people, at the proper times, in various roles or locations. Based on staff availability, training, and cost, fill shifts quickly.

Share with your colleagues right away

Send employee schedules to your team from your PC or mobile device. If you adjust the timetable, make sure everyone is aware of the change by obtaining confirmation.

Never be understaffed

Find a suitable replacement without making a single contact by phone or text. Allow employees to swap shifts with qualifying team members.

Make taking breaks for meals and resting easier

In a single shift, plan various types of breaks. Your company is freed from the concerns of break compliance and coverage thanks to our scheduling app.

Does your business need Scheduling Software?

Before answering this question, take a look at the benefits of Scheduling Software below.

Reduce costs

Never go over budget by accurately costing workers in accordance with sales data. Your payroll service should automatically sync the pay rates for your employees.

Control fatigue and overtime

Establishing a cap on the number of hours a person can work each day or each week will help to prevent staff tiredness. It is also possible to limit the allocated hours for part-timers to prevent needless overtime.

Make wage and hour compliance easier

Control adherence to municipal, state, and federal regulations, especially those governing the fair workweek. Deputy facilitates the requirements for premium pay, break compliance, and employee attestation.

Schedule according to skill set

Employees should be scheduled based on their abilities and credentials. Track employee skill sets and schedule accordingly, whether it's first aid, food preparation, or heavy machinery.

Covering leave and being unavailable

Our intelligent leave management solution enables employees to request time off on their own. Schedule more effectively with information about your leave balance and clear, trustworthy availability.

Keep track of attendance and breaks

Check the schedule of the personnel to see when they come, depart, and take breaks. Unexpected compliance risks are proactively managed by flagging missed or unscheduled breaks.

It is an easy-to-use, all-in-one employee scheduling software that grows with your company. So, what exactly are you looking for? Any organization, whether it has 10 employees or 5,000, should use this software. You will see the difference after 1 month of use.

Other Scheduling Softwares in the market

With 10 customers using Tanca Scheduling Software trial, there will be 7 customers who decide to use it for a long time.

To help customers have more choices, we have listed some software on the market today with outstanding features. Thereby, you can easily compare and choose the most suitable product for your business. is a great calendar program for planning, managing, and organizing your upcoming week. You may add tasks and set due dates for each project using the flexible scheduling software while viewing all of your details in timeline and calendar displays.

Selling points:

  • On-the-go planning
  • intelligent alerts
  • Optional time-tracking
  • It is simple to integrate with Google Calendar
  • ISO Certification

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Employees can track their availability in real-time using the cloud-based scheduling tool Acuity, which they can then use to book or modify appointments.

This device includes a user-friendly interface and a plethora of useful features. You may sync your calendars and automate your schedules based on the time zones of your users.

Selling points:

  • Calendars that are embeddable.
  • planning for a group.
  • Adaptable intake forms.
  • external synchronization.
  • Online transactions are safe.



SimplyBook is the ideal scheduling solution for everyone in the service industry. SimplyBook offers personalized pages with full booking solutions in addition to a variety of schedule options.

Selling points:

  • Accepting numerous bookings from clients is an option.
  • Site can be customized to reflect the branding style.
  • Client intake forms that can be customized.
  • Client memberships, vouchers, bundles, and gift cards provide more effective marketing.
  • Clients can be sent personalized emails.

Hubspot Meetings

Hubspot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings is a fantastic service that gives customised booking links for inviting people to schedule meetings with you based on your availability.

When someone sets an appointment with you, their contact information will be automatically added to your calendar. Additionally, these specifics will be entered into your HubSpot CRM database.

Selling points:

  • Customizable links and pages for bookings
  • Connections between group meetings
  • Customized form questions that provide useful context about the prospect
  • Calendar that may be embedded into your website
  • works completely with the HubSpot tools



A flexible tool for scheduling appointments, sales demos, conferences, and phone calls is Bookafy. The setup is simple, and it may easily connect or incorporate your personal calendars.

Using programs like Zoom and GoToMeeting, you may easily create meeting connections for your scheduled appointments.

Selling points:

  • Free plan with many features
  • Interface that can be customized to meet your branding style
  • Options for synchronization with iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, and ICS Enterprise are available



With the help of Findmyshift, managers may more easily plan their personnel thanks to its cloud-based scheduling platform. The drag-and-drop tool allows you to design the entire timetable in a matter of minutes.

With its incredibly user-friendly design, you may add as many things as you like in cells based on the demands and specifications of your organization.

Selling points:

  • Always keep track of your employees
  • Web-based scheduling power and immediate sharing
  • App for tracking hours and schedules
  • Push alerts, SMS, and emails that are sent in real time
  • Hourly employees' salary is calculated intelligently
  • Secured Cloud backups that are automated



Setmore is a straightforward yet incredibly powerful scheduling application. It's nice that you don't need to be technologically adept to set it up because its setup wizard takes care of the laborious tasks for you.

The desktop application is another distinguishing element of this product. Even when you are not connected to the internet, you can view your appointments. This useful function is not available in any other scheduling application.

Selling points:

  • Reminds you by text and email
  • Provides email and SMS notifications when appointments are canceled or rescheduled
  • Clients can schedule appointments using social media networks
  • Quick payment processing
  • Excellent client service



Open-source scheduling program called Bitrix24 offers a number of useful solutions. It allows you to organize projects and tasks, share files, message business contacts, and do a lot more.

Additionally, Bitrix24 provides a call center tool that aids in re-engaging lost customers and prospects. If you miss a call from a certain client, you may still browse your previous interactions with them and quickly access the preserved data.

Selling points:

  • Collaborate with other organizations using Activity Stream Access to obtain source codes, additional tools, and control over your data.
  • Upload files and instantly share them with others.
  • With intranet services, you may more effectively manage external and internal communication.
  • Access features such as task reports, personnel directories, absence charts, time tracking, and more.



Collaborate with other organizations using Activity Stream Access to obtain source codes, additional tools, and control over your data.

Upload files and instantly share them with others.

With intranet services, you may more effectively manage external and internal communication.

Access features such as task reports, personnel directories, absence charts, time tracking, and more.

Selling points:

  • In minutes, you can easily integrate social channels
  • Effectively manage a big number of personnel
  • Implement customized customer loyalty programs to aid in client retention
  • Tools for tracking staff performance and appointments, as well as analytics and reporting
  • Reminders sent automatically to reduce no-shows

How to choose Scheduling Software Online For Business?

  • Value for the money
  • Website reservation
  • Google integration for reservations
  • Bookings via social media
  • Link for quick booking
  • Booking page with your own branding
  • Capability to provide deals and discounts
  • Integrations that are required
  • Scalability
  • Simpleness of use
  • Great customer service

So don't hesitate to use the trial version. Tanca offers a free trial. Try it and you will be satisfied.


How do I track my employees' daily work?

  • Observe how staff operate.
  • Request an account.
  • Assist staff in using self-monitoring tools.
  • On a regular basis, go through work in progress.
  • Make a few inquiries.
  • Using Tanca scheduling software Tools.

What are the 3 types of scheduling?

The three types of schedules are referred to as the Capacity schedule, Resource schedule, and Service schedule. In certain aspects, their capabilities overlap, and in some cases, more than one will suffice.


Employee scheduling requirements are driven by your industry, operations, and business goals. Manual methods or automation that is designed to fit all situations are no longer sufficient nowadays.

Tanca's technology may be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your facility or division, ensuring that each and every shift is covered and that every employee has the confidence to balance work and personal obligations.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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